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CPA Class Fall 2008
Cpl. Patterson demonstrates fingerprinting techniques   Carrie Beyerle goes head to head with a punching pad.   CPA Graduating Class Fall 2008
CPA Class Spring 2009
Ofc. Harvey explains a standard field sobriety test to a class participant.   Lt. Weaver rides along in the PD golf cart as a student drives with the use of "drunk goggles."   A student maneuvers through the course using "drunk goggles."
Sgt. Brown briefs the class before they begin their day at the shooting range.   Three officers stand ready as a class member fires an M-16.   Teacher and student line up the sights at the firing range.
CPA Class Fall 2009
A student takes aim with an M-16. Instructors stand behind as students fire their weapons at the firing range.   Ofc. Blount stands by as Julie Rogers takes aim with an M-16.
This drug sniffing dog demonstrates what happens during a K-9 narcotics search.   Students line up and practice shooting at close range.   CPA Graduating Class Fall 2009
CPA Class Spring 2010

Graduating Class Spring 2010