Code Enforcement / Animal Control   


The Van Buren Police Department currently has three Code Enforcement / Animal Control Officers:

  • Ofc. Steve Gunter, Supervisor

  • Ofc. Brian Watteau

  • Ofc. Colt Richmond


Code Enforcement Officers are sworn to enforce all ordinances and codes that are currently in place in the City of Van Buren.

Code Enforcement / Animal Control Officers stay in close contact with the owners of animals and property that are in non-compliance with certain codes to assure that each situation is corrected in a timely manner.  Violators of city codes and ordinances are subject to stiff fines.

Here's a quick check list to ensure that you are in compliance with important city codes and ordinances:

  • Is your yard clear of debris and/or rubbish?

  • Do you keep your lawn mowed and trim during the growing seasons?

  • Is your yard or driveway clear of any non-working and/or non-tagged vehicles?

  • Is your residence, by general standards, appealing and maintained?

  • Are your pets secured by a fence, on a lead with substantial moving distance or inside the residence?

  • Are your dogs on a leash when unsecured by a fence, lead or inside a residence?

  • Do your pets have current vaccinations and rabies shots from a licensed veterinarian?

  • Do you have the proper city tag for your pet within the city limits?

  • Do you have proper city permits to build, renovate or construct on any facility within the City of Van Buren?

  • Do you have the proper permit to hold a yard sale or any other type of sale open to the public and is it properly posted?

This checklist is an abbreviated quick list for you.  For further, more detailed, information on Van Buren City Ordinances and Codes call Code Enforcement / Animal Control at the Van Buren Police Department at (479) 474-1234.