Criminal Investigations Division (CID)   
Criminal Investigations Division (CID) at the Van Buren Police Department consists of five detectives that work around the clock to solve crimes that occur within our city.  

  • Captain Stephen Staggs

  • Lieutenant Randy Allen

  • Sergeant Jay Baker

  • Detective Jonathan Arredondo

  • Detective Chase Decroo

The Van Buren Police Department CID team has a high success rate of crimes solved, ranging all the way from check fraud to homicide.  

CID processes crime scenes for evidence, interviews victims, witnesses and suspects, and manages many other aspects of the investigative process. Our detectives receive advanced levels of training for crime scene process, interview techniques, and investigation of various types of crimes. We work with many outside agencies, such as the Prosecuting Attorney, during the course of these criminal investigations. Our detectives are part of the ASP CART Team (Child Abduction Response Team), are on the State ICAC Taskforce (Internet Crimes Against Children) and the local Drug Task Force. We also process any registered sex offenders for the City of Van Buren. We have trained detectives that work diligently to make the internet a safer place for our children by actively pursuing child pornographers and sexual predators. 


To Contact CID, call 479-474-1234 or 479-471-5022.

To contact CID at the Van Buren Police Department call (479) 471-5022.