Did You Know.....

Things you may not have known could get you in trouble legally


.....that carrying controlled medications in containers outside of their original prescription pill bottle could get you arrested?

.....that talking, texting or even looking at your cell phone in a school zone is strictly prohibited?

.....that objects hanging from your rearview or sitting on your dash could get you a citation for an Obstructed View?

.....that if the tint on your windows is too dark (varies by state) then you can get a citation?

.....if your license plate is not visible and/or legible then you can get a citation?

.....that your parking and tail lights have to shine red?

.....that custom installed colored lights are not legal to use while driving?

.....that wearing your shoulder strap behind your back is the incorrect way to wear a seatbelt and you can get a ticket for no seatbelt?

.....that taking donations left outside or in bins at various donation centers (Big Brothers Big Sisters, Abilities, Salvation Army, etc) is illegal and you will be arrested for theft of property if caught?