Found Property

If you see property belonging to you contact Christy Davidson at 479-471-1975 to arrange a time to come claim it. All owners must present a valid photo ID when claiming property and must provide proof of ownership where applicable.  Found Property will be held for a total of 60 days at which time, per department policy, it will either be destroyed or moved to be sold at public auction.  Please reference the listed case number when calling about your property. 

Note: no firearms will be returned to owners who have been convicted of a prior felony or domestic battery charge

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Case# 2016-2450

Identifiers: unknown

Location Found: Arkansas Street


Description: 2 keys, possibly a motorcycle or scooter key

Case# 2016-1451

Identifiers: unknown

Location Found: Dawg Wash Carwash on Pointer Trail


Description: HP laptop computer, battery dead, no charger located, Windows7 OS

Case# 2016-1539

Identifiers: can make out pictures of a black male, approx 30-40 years old, images of forestry and vegetation and plants

Location Found: intersection of Knox and Arkansas Street


Description: AT&T, ZTE cell phone, badly damaged. (S/N 325253291600)

Case# 2016-1580

Identifiers: Nina Phelps

Location Found: Dollar General Store on Fayetteville Rd.


Description: Regions Visa Bank Card


Case# 2016-1607

Identifiers: unknown

Location Found: laying in the road around 319 Fayetteville Road


Description: Several discount cards, various keys, pictures of two juvenile females and a spark plug measurement tool


Case# 2016-1806

Identifiers: unknown

Location Found:  Van Buren City Park


Description: Hello Kitty key, monkey key, OSU keychain, Army lanyard

Case# 2016-2173

Identifiers: notes written to Mack Buzbee

Location Found: North 9th and Lisa Lane


Description: Leather pouch with misc notes and papers inside, small black cell phone

Case# 2016-2042

Identifiers: unknown

Location Found: corner of 20th and Alma Blvd.


Description: Jeep key chain with one Jeep key, one Chevy key and a key fob (broken)

Case# 2016-2255

Identifiers: #9245 written on the inside

Location Found: intersection of Fayetteville and Rena Road


Description: Mag One Handheld Radio, dirt/debris covered

Case# 2016-2399

Identifiers: unknown

Location Found: in the lobby bathroom here at the Police Department


Description: ring with 5 gem sets

Case# 2016-2207

Identifiers: Anita Maritiato

Location Found: Parking lot of Bella Vista Apartments


Description: Driver's License and Social Security Card

Case# 2016-3031

Identifiers: Unknown

Location Found: front yard on Baldwin Street




Case# 2016-1424


Case# 2016-1582

Case# 2016-1750
Case# 2016-2082
Case# 2016-2426
Case# 2016-2430
Case# 2016-2621
Case# 2016-2790
Case# 2016-2958
Case# 2016-2960
Case# 2016-3029