Our Mission                  


To provide an exemplary level of service, preserve life, enforce the law, and work in partnership with the community to enhance the quality of life in the City of Van Buren.  We insist upon honesty and integrity within our profession, and respect all persons and their dignity.  We recognize this as our responsibility to the community.







                Our Vision              


The Van Buren Police Department will continue to excel as an entity of service, augmenting the professionalism and ethical standards of the police officers provided to the city through experience, education and training. The Van Buren Police Department will continue to promote respect, compassion and commitment by constantly monitoring professional standards. Service and protection to the City of Van Buren will advance with future growth and support all applicable agencies in the forward growth and future of the City of Van Buren. Finally, we will strive to remain on the cutting edge of technological and educational standards in the pursuit of the highest security and public safety to the city and its patrons.