School Resource   
The School Resource Officer's (SRO's) have offices located inside the Middle Schools and Junior Highs as well as the High School.  The Primary Functions of the School Resource Officers is to be visible inside the schools in our district and to build relationships and trust between Police Officers, Students and Teachers.  The SRO's teach classes in the district to students Kindergarten through 12th grade and also assist with teacher in-service training with emphasis on Drug Recognition, School Lock Downs and Evacuation training.

School Resource Officers


Lieutenant Christopher Ho (SRO supervisor)

  • Van Buren High School

  • Crawford County Adult Education

Sergeant David Passen

  • Northridge Middle School

Ofc. Zach Myers

  • Butterfield Middle School

Ofc. Lanty Brake

  • Thicksten Center for Learning

Ofc. Tim Wald

  • King Elementary

Cpl. Christy Ngyuen

  • Coleman Freshman Academy

Ofc. Elizabeth Harden

  • Central Elementary

Ofc. Caleb Harwick

  • Parkview Elementary

Cpl. Megan Slayton

  • Rena Elementary

Ofc. Andy Shepherd

  • Oliver Springs Elementary


Crawford County Sheriff's Department

  • Tate Elementary

To contact a School Resource Officer via email, click his/her name or contact the Van Buren Police Department at 479-474-1234.