Sexual Offenders  

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Children are particularly vulnerable to sex offenders. Open communication between parents and children is vital to family safety.  Use the pictures from this site to show to your family. In general terms, tell your children that this person has hurt someone before. Explain to them that they should stay away from this individual. Avoid scary details. The purpose behind community notification is to
reduce the chance of future victimization by better informing the public.

Frequently Asked Questions...
Q: Is it a matter of time before the offender commits another crime?
A: While there is no way that anyone can accurately predict the future behavior of another person, past behavior is an indication of whether an individual, or group, poses a higher risk to the public. Not all offenders will commit another crime; however, knowledge of a potential risk should assist you and your family in avoiding situations that allow for easy access to victims.

Q: What do I tell my children about known offenders in our area?
A: DON'T accept a ride from this person. DON'T go into their home or yard. Tell your parents if this person offers you toys, money or gifts

Sex Offender Registration
Sex offenders are required to register in Arkansas. Details on the Sex Offender Registration Act of 1997 can be found in Arkansas Code Annotated 12-12-901 -- 12-12-920.

Who is Required to Register?
  • Any individual who is convicted of certain sex offenses and offenses against children if the conviction occurred as of the Act's effective date, or
  • Any individual who was incarcerated, on probation or parole, or serving any other form of community supervision as the result of an adjudication of guilt for the listed offenses as of this Act's effective date, or
  • Any person who is acquitted on the grounds of mental disease or defect for the listed offenses as of the Act's effective date, or
  • Any person who was required to register under the prior Act, the Habitual Child Sex Offender Registration Act, Arkansas Code Annotated 12-12-901, or
  • Any sex offender moving to or returning to this state from another jurisdiction where registration is required.


Such offenders shall register with the local law enforcement agency having jurisdiction within 3 business days of establishing residency
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All Sexual Offenders listed on this site live in the Van Buren City Limits


Level 1 - is an offender who is considered to pose a low risk to the community, warranting minimal notice for protection of the community. State agencies such as the police are notified of this type of offender. Any victims of the offender are notified as well as anyone living in the household with the victim.

Level 2 - is an offender who is considered to pose a moderate risk to the community, warranting limited notice for the protection of the community. All of the individuals and agencies from level 1offenders are notified of a level 2 offender, as well as state licensing boards and schools are notified.

Level 3 - is an offender who is considered to pose a high risk to the community. All of the entities for level 1 and 2 are notified, as well as all community members likely to come into contact with the offender. We usually notify a one square mile radius.

Level 4 -
is an offender who is considered to pose the highest risk to the community. The entire community is notified to the presence of this offender. This level of offender is commonly known as the sexually violent predator.